Whopper of the Week: Gray Davis

“I am going to will my way to a solution that is financially viable and within the existing rate structure….’Leadership’ means raise rates…. ‘Bold’ means raise rates. ‘Decisive’ means raise rates. Everything means raise rates. That makes everyone on Wall Street happy. It does nothing to solve our problem.”

California Gov. Gray Davis, as quoted by Dan Morain and Mark Z. Barabak in the Jan. 21 Los Angeles Times.

“[S]ome rate increases are needed to keep our lights on and our economy strong. … Under my proposal, more than half of you won’t pay a penny more. For the rest, the average increase will be 26 and a half percent. For many of that group, rates will rise only about 10 percent. The heaviest users will see their rates rise 34 and a half percent on average. That includes business paying their share. This is in addition to the 9 percent surcharge we’ve all been paying since last winter.”


Davis’ televised statewide addresson April 5. Click here  to see the video.

(Thanks to Tom Roberts.)

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