Peggy Noonan, Ambassador?

Rumors have been flying (in Al Kamen’s Washington Post column, among other places) that Peggy Noonan will be the next ambassador to Ireland. Chatterbox queried Noonan today about it. Here’s her response:

I can tell Chatterbox’s esteemed and numerous audience that a) it’s a rumor, b) no one in the White House or State Department has contacted me, c) if it were serious I have a feeling someone from the WH or State Dept would have called to ask if I want to be considered, d) to be considered for any form of government service is a great honor and highly flattering, e) not to mention Ireland, which is fabulous, f) I am single, bringing up a son, nonwealthy (and therefore not able to do what most ambassadors must do, which is to make up for often too small embassy budgets with their own money), work as a columnist at the Wall Street Journal, an occasional talker about politics on Fox, am writing a book due out this fall, and can also think of one dozen people who’d probably be better at the appointment in question than I. So while it would be impolite of me to share with you my potential response to a question from another that has not been asked, and that I do not expect to be asked, I think it is alright to point out the obvious, which is that I do not at this time in my life fit the profile of an ambassador to a great country.