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A Review of the Digital Broadcasting and Telecommunication Industries

The Gildercosm

By Rob Walker

Posted Monday, Sept. 11, 2000, at 11:59 a.m. PT

On Page 11 of his new book, George Gilder suggests that those readers looking for investing advice might want to skip the next 140 pages. This isn’t a bad piece of advice, in my opinion, but it’s a little surprising. The new book is called Telecosm: How InfiniteBandwidth Will Revolutionize Our World, and my understanding had been that it would deliver the ultimate vision of George Gilder as worldly philosopher, not “Nine Stocks to Buy Now.”

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What’s at Stake in the Verizon Strike

By Rob Walker

Posted Monday, Aug. 7, 2000, at 10:18 a.m. PT

However and whenever the strike involving more than 85,000 employees of Verizon Communications is resolved, it is likely to be the beginning, not the end, of an extremely interesting battle. The key consideration isn’t wages or work hours, although those issues are on the table. The key is figuring out whether organized labor can make a new place for itself in the so-called New Economy.

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