Taking the Restoration Thing a Bit Far

Just moments ago, Chatterbox visited the White House Web site and clicked where it says “president.” He found a biography of George W. Bush illustrated with a black and white photograph of George Bush Sr. Unfortunately, they’ve fixed it now. But it was there! Chatterbox swears it was!

[Update, 4:50 p.m. PT: Reader Mike Terry thoughtfully forwarded the faulty White House Web page. What you see when you follow thislink  is precisely what Chatterbox saw earlier today. Terry writes that he told a friend about today’s column, the friend went to the site, saw George Bush Sr.’s photograph, captured the page, and forwarded it to Terry. Terry was unable to reproduce his friend’s results–when he went to the site it had Dubya’s picture on it–and Chatterbox couldn’t, either. “My best guess,” writes Terry,” is that the White House uses several servers to provide the content for, and that they left it unfixed on at least one.”]