John Ashcroft, Poet

Last fall, Chatterbox inaugurated an occasional feature spotlighting objets trouvésfrom the Web. To qualify, an item must defy commentary. Today’s link is to a poem that John Ashcroft, the nominee for attorney general, wrote about Monica Lewinsky. It appears at the end of a article about Ashcroft’s Pentacostalism by J. Lee Grady. To read the poem, click here and scroll to the bottom.

[Correction, 4 p.m.: It isn’t a poem. It’s a song. There’s music, apparently.]

[Correction, 6 p.m.: It isn’t about Monica Lewinsky, either, because it was written in 1997, and the Lewinsky story didn’t break until January 1998. “President Clinton’s moral problems” must refer to Paula Jones, or, possibly, the 1996 fund-raising scandals. Clearly, Chatterbox should have eschewed commentary on this objet trouvé altogether.]