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Take Back That Concession, Mr. Gore! … (NEVER MIND)

Earlier today, This Just In noted that:

According to the Web site of the Florida secretary of state, Katherine Harris, Al Gore won Florida. As reproduced below, the Web site lists the final totals for the presidential election as 2,911,417 votes for Gore/Lieberman, and 2,911,215 for Bush/Cheney. Al Gore’s margin of victory is 202 votes! He gets the state’s 25 electors! He’s the next president!  (Isn’t he? Nobody will come to the phone at the secretary of state’s office to confirm or deny.)

Moments after the item was posted, correspondence by contributors in “The Fray” prompted this addendum:

Al, Al, take back the taking back once and for all. While the page of the Florida secretary of state’s office indicates Al Gore won, this page from their office (click on president/vice president) gives the complete totals for the race, including the absentee ballots. Yep, Al Gore still loses by 537 votes. Sorry Al, it’s time to go to Kinko’s and get those resumes copied.