I’m Not as Bad as Howie Kurtz Says

Rumors? This is the heart of what I didn’t see in your book, a differentiation between those of us who are willing to point the fingers and go the extra mile to nail the manipulators, and your view, which postulates that we are all pretty inferior at this game. Why, Howard, do you presume that “we” as a group know nothing when there are plenty of people who constantly help others make money. A simple admission that some reporting is much better than others and a nod to the great and positive changes that are going on in the financial journalism world would have made the whole enterprise a more honest and heartfelt effort.

And now that I have you in dialogue, how many hedge fund managers would ever let you within 100 feet of their operations? I let you come and go as you please. I think that you would have detected that not only do I have nothing to hide, Iwelcome the scrutiny