I’m Not as Bad as Howie Kurtz Says

In his new book The Fortune Tellers, media critic Howard Kurtz examines the brokerage analysts, fund managers, and news outlets who distribute the information that makes the financial markets rise and fall, and finds many of them conflict-ridden, irresponsible, and glib (click here for an excerpt). In this exchange, James Cramer defends himself and his peers from Kurtz’s charges.    

My ultimate takeaway from the book is a sappy one. I clipped a note from the San Francisco Chronicle review and put it on my quote machine. It says: “In his office by 5 a.m. each day, Cramer gives workaholism a bad name. It’s amazing that a man so wealthy and successful can still be manic and miserable.” I can’t help being manic. But miserable? Ever since I finished Howard’s book I have stopped working at home after dinner. No more PC. No more e-mail. And you know what? I am more manic about playing with my kids than ever, and a lot less miserable. Thanks, Howard!