Fun With Open Mikes

George W. Bush’s blunt comment about Adam Clymer of the New York Times brings back memories of other classic open-mike gaffes. Ronald Reagan’s merry jest, moments before a presidential radio address: “We begin bombing in five minutes.” Sen. Daniel Inouye’s color commentary, while listening to John Ehrlichman’s Watergate testimony: “What a liar!” As the Longines Symphonette commercials for golden-oldie anthologies used to say: Collecting these yourself would cost hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, Harry Shearer’s “Found Objects” Web page (motto: “Comedy is good, reality better”) serves them up free. For some reason, Chatterbox can’t get the site’s RealVideo to work on his computer. But Shearer claims to have some great stuff, including Bill Gates uttering a swear word and Dan Rather fussing about his hair. Check it out.