Kausfiles Special

Update: Pseudo Retreats

Pseudo.com, the Web broadcaster recently discussed in this space, has just canceled its plans to offer gavel-to-gavel coverage of the Democratic convention in Los Angeles. “Pseudo will cut its on-site staff drastically from the 35 that went to Philadelphia,” reports Inside.com. Instead, Pseudo may send only “one or two reporters” who will “tape stories and FedEx them back to New York.” And no 360-degree camera! Gersh Kuntzman, editorial director of pseudopolitics, has resigned and circulated an e-mail saying that “despite vast potential and grand promises” the company “fell apart about a week after I signed on.”

Conclusions: a) Boy, was Newsweek ever conned; b) Kausfiles gets results! True, the executive e-mail ordering Pseudo’s retreat was circulated several hours before I even posted yesterday’s blast at the company, according to Inside, so in order for kausfiles to claim credit, the usual laws of time and causality would have to be reversed. But, increasingly, scientists are discovering this can be done!

Pseudo responds:In a shockingly pleasant e-mail, Pseudo Senior V.P. Jeanne Meyer contends that Inside.com’s story was not “100% accurate.” Meyer says, in part: “We’re going to LA, with cameras, live reports from our skybox, the added flexibility of a mobile video crew, guests, etc. We’re also going to have an anchor base in New York.” She adds, “Yes, we did have an active, intelligent audience in our chat room throughout” the GOP convention. [Response?–ed. “Active,” maybe. But what about “large”?]