The Breakfast Table

The Eye of a Needle


Thanks for setting me straight about that. Nicholas Kristof describes a conversation among George W., his mother, and Billy Graham from some years back, a conversation in which the Bush boy maintained the position I attributed to him. But perhaps his views have changed over the intervening decade. I for one am delighted to learn the club is no longer restricted. Of course, I may be blackballed for other reasons.

I guess we both have Mr. Bush’s acceptance speech to look forward to tonight. But I’m going to have to watch it late, on video tape. I have a conflict. There’s a wonderful bookstore in Marin County, Book Passage by name, where I’m scheduled to give a reading from my new novel, The Man Who Wrote the Book (forgive the shameless plug). Will anyone attend, I wonder, or will the entire citizenry of Corte Madera be at home, gazing at their TVs, and thinking that truth is really much stranger than fiction?

It’s been a genuine pleasure working with you.