Kausfiles Special

Edwards: He’s No John Kerry!

Many signs point to Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina as Al Gore’s VP pick. Edwards has been told to be “on call,” according to a reliable source. … Kausfiles knows virtually nothing about Edwards; he’s a complete pig-in-a-poke. But Michael Kramer of the New York Daily News  says it’s either Edwards or Sen. John Kerry–so I fervently hope it’s Edwards. … For why it would be a grave act of irresponsibility to place John Kerry in the line of succession to the presidency, read Ryan Lizza’s Kerry piece  in last week’s New Republic. (Executive summary: Kerry’s a shamelessly self-promoting opportunist.) … Lizza told me he was actually anticipating he’d write a pro-Kerry piece, before he started calling around in Massachusetts. …

P.S.: Kramer erroneously reports that the Democrats would lose a Senate seat if Gore chooses Edwards, because North Carolina’s governor “is a Republican.” No he’s not. He’s a Democrat, Jim Hunt. Anyway, Edwards would not have to resign his Senate seat to run.