A Lieberman Library

Al Gore will announce Tuesday that Joseph Lieberman, a Connecticut senator and Orthodox Jew, will be his running mate. In 1998, Slate’s William Saletan analyzed the spins surrounding Lieberman’s public condemnation of President Clinton’s adultery. Earlier this year, Judith Shulevitz corresponded with Phillip Weiss about the propriety of Jewish intermarriage, and David Plotz explained why Jews, Mormons, and Catholics can’t get elected president.

In 1996, Cullen Murphy outlined the differences between “Jesuitical” and “Talmudic.” And last month, Timothy Noah examined one of Lieberman’s pet projects, the creation of a federal “chief information officer.” Earlier this year, David Greenberg gave a “History Lesson” on vice-presidential selection, and Stephen Chapman argued that running mates ultimately don’t matter.