The Breakfast Table

Which Gore Would You Date?


Neither, neither, neither. Neither version of Gore do I want to get asked out on the Metro by!

No, no, I agree with you: I fundamentally like those ‘70s photos, too! But still, they are almost inevitably embarrassing for the photo subject.

Example of great, nothing-to-be-embarrassed by photos: photos of Tipper that ran in Washington Post “Style” profile yesterday. Slim jeans, combat boots, T-shirt, long hair parted in middle, radiant expression, truly happy hippy smile. Total argument for relaxed ‘60s female fashion, no makeup, no gel, no blow-dry, no stacked heel, no pedicure.

Off to the trains.


P.S.” This just in from the wires!

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (AP)–A youth baseball coach was charged Wednesday with punching an umpire and breaking his jaw in what experts say is part of a rising tide of violence by adults at youngsters’ sporting events.The arrest comes less than a week after a hockey dad in Massachusetts was charged with beating another father to death at a game in an argument over rough play on the ice.

Two examples! We now have a, dare I say it, a trend! Not just a trend! A tide!