The Breakfast Table

The Repidrats

Dear Amybloom,

Did you notice that George W-ya was in Milwaukee the other day? He’s got this terrific plan to give 200 million smackers to community- and faith-based groups –(Faith-based? “I play bingo in my faith-based group’s basement”–is that what we’re supposed to say now, to deflect any anti-faith-based-group slurs?) Anyway, this big wad o cash is going to support Fathers in their families. I suppose we should be filled with gladness now that our Republicans sound like Democrats. Perhaps we’re all going to be one big happy party, the Repubicrats. The Democans. The faith-basers.

Moving on: I just read in Harper’s that Dave Eggers’ sister actually did most of the raising of Christopher!!!!

And I am all in favor of Ankles of Greatness, Shins of Intelligence, and Knees of Leadership.

xo jh