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Extra! Extra! Extra! Disclaimer!

Count, if you will, the three escape hatches in the Washington Post’s Monday extra through which its author, Dan Balz, could vanish if Bush doesn’t name Richard Cheney his veep on Tuesday: “likely choice,” “barring an unforeseen change,” and “could announce.” Readers who spot Web or print stories about the veep selection containing a greater number of disclaimers are invited to submit them to for scrutiny.

Post Exclusive: Bush Settles on Cheney
By Dan Balz
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, July 24, 2000; 2:32 PM
AUSTIN, Tex., July 24–Texas Gov. George W. Bush has settled on former defense secretary Richard B. Cheney as his likely choice for a vice presidential running mate and, barring an unforeseen change, could announce the decision as early as Tuesday, according to a senior Republican source. …