The Breakfast Table

Come Trappin’!

Dear Ab,

Perhaps Barak came to the point in the proceedings where he realized he was temperamentally unsuited for his calling. I know nothing about him or the proceedings as we have a freeze on news here; I wonder only if at that level every now and again someone awfully important and in a critical moment has an epiphany, a “What the hell am I doing here? I’d rather be playing Scrabble” sort of ping. Princess Diana, for example, clearly had many of them through her tenure as princess. Bill Clinton might have profited if he’d had a few more PINGS, an occasional epiphanette.

The big news that has leaked through here is our representative’s initiative to change the Wisconsin constitution to include the right of all individuals to hunt, fish, and trap. Although you are not up on composting and growing blueberries, look alive here. Move to Wisconsin and you can hunt, trap, and fish to your heart’s delight. Forget about John McCain and his brief hold on your hopes; forget about Spencer Tracy and his long-suffering wife, and above all forget about John Gray. Right here, my dear, you can Trap.

As for what takes place next: When Reagan was elected, the first time, my faith in the world working in a logical, reasonable way was permanently busted. I know only this: There is no accounting for what will happen.