The Breakfast Table

The Frankenscience Project

I am disgusted by the cheap and convenient way G-d is trotted out whenever a difficult situation requires explanation or a frightening predicament stares you down. But I do it myself all the time. And cheesy as it sounds, G-d has never let me down, no matter how long it’s been since I last called His name, no matter how hubristically I thought I could go it alone.  

So if Francis S. Collins pretends that this Frankenscience genome project was more holy than a despicable profit grab based on a demonstrably false premise (that there are too few people, and that people should live longer), good for the good doctor. (Dr. Collins has been the government-supported racecar vs. Craig Venter–the head of Celera Genomics, which has been pursuing gene mapping as a for-profit enterprise. I believe they’re both engaged in a ridiculous, selfish, ugly, vain pursuit. But at least Venter is honest about why he’s doing it. It’s the government-funded mad scientists who really bother me.)

And if Justin Volpe needs help from a G-d whom he apparently didn’t need when he was ramming a plunger up Abner Louima, I hope He’s there for him.  

Sorry about your car. I’m a pretty decent mechanic and there are plenty of good junkyards in Jersey.