The Breakfast Table

Don’t Worry, Dress Happy

Ken, you know why I love you? Because you’re such a RANTER.

But I also love you for your sense of style. And so, to bring our lovely four-day chat-a-thon full circle and achieve “closure,” I will quote from an article I just read, linked from my Excite portal home page, about the fall fashion trends for men.



MILAN, Italy (AP)–Italian designers who previewed next summer’s menswear on the Milan runway this week are asking a lot of their male fashion followers. Basically to be “in” next season requires an entire wardrobe change from classic tailoring to loose fitting garments and from bland black and gray to bold color.

Blah blah blah, and then:

In a big change for the staid designer, male models danced down the runway in brightly colored slippers, wearing the easy going outfits that mark the new collection. … Gold played an important role in this round of Italian menswear, appearing as fabric, embroidery and jewelry. Shunned by both Armani and Calvin Klein, gold medallions, chains, bracelets and belts showed up almost everywhere else. … Sequins, beads and other forms of glittery decoration are another sign that menswear is taking on a flashier look.

See, Ken, you’re too old to join Clive’s old Cub Scout troop. So you can’t exercise your proclivities, sensibilities, or various utilities that way. But as I said, you’re a stylin’ guy. In fact, overpopulation would be a lot more bearable if everybody dressed as well as you do. So, use it or lose it, dude. Vote with your feet, legs, torso, arms, head, and booty by wearing purple sequins and lime-green slippers this summer!

Ah-woooo … ruff, ruff!!!