The Breakfast Table

New and Old Media Sinners


I was quietly trying to avoid the market mechanics topic. But put on the spot, I have to fess up that I know too little about it to subject anyone to my views.

As for misleading information, I agree there’s no excuse, on the Internet or anywhere. That’s plain wrong, and illegal.

However, Wall Street pros are on TV all day talking up stocks and often not revealing their positions, or the fact that the banks that employ them get tremendous underwriting business from the stocks they’re chatting up. That’s not to take online comfort in offline mediocrity. Rather, there are good and bad practices both on and off the Web. The pros just seem less inimical than Net characters because they have the status to get into the mainstream media.

I’ll kick off tomorrow. If possible, pick up the New York Post. Always good fodder, and well worth the 50 cents.