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It is a world foretold in man’s nightmares.

A world where hope is a memory, and justice an illusion.

Where death is truth, and truth is a lie.

And where a lie offers the only hope,

Which, as you may recall, is just a memory.

It is the world of our future.

This summer, prepare for the thrill ride of a lifetime.

This summer, prepare to enter the next realm.

On May 31, let the award-winning producer of last summer’s most anticipated thriller transport you to a timeless place where dreams come alive, secret fantasies run wild, and where the one person you most trust might just be the one person you most fear.

Because long ago, it was prophesied that this day would come.

The day when one woman dared challenge an empire,

And one man stood at the crossroads between heaven and hell.

And together, they would make the ultimate sacrifice.

And the world would know them by one name …

A name that would live forever in the hearts of man …

A name to be shouted on the winds of freedom.

And that day is near.

Coming May 31, the people who taught a generation to love and a nation to believe in miracles will unveil a spellbinding tale of magic and wonder, a story as true as the legend that inspired it.

This summer, get ready to laugh.

Get ready to live.

And get ready to fall in love again.

Because inside every heart, there is a secret door.

And sometimes, the key to that door just might be the key to happiness.

And now and then, the one person you thought you couldn’t live with turns out to be the one person you can’t live without.

But beware what lurks behind a certain locked door.

Because in this perfect world, something has gone wrong.

This summer, let the award-winning director of last summer’s hottest motion picture take you and your family on a different kind of vacation.

No cottage. No campfire. And no turning back.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

Be very, very, very afraid.

Because beginning May 31, evil has a new name.

And only two people stand in its way.

One man.

One woman.

One destiny.

And their names shall be remembered forever,

As long as their story is told.

Coming soon to home video.