Coming Soon to a Newsstand Near You

The magazine industry digs itself into a deeper niche.

“This is not about tighter buns. It’s all about … the incredible invigoration that women get from achieving certain goals they set out to achieve.” –Editor Dagny Scott on Outside magazine spinoff Women Outside

Inside Outside

From the premier chronicler of the outdoor adventure, a new monthly packed with interior design tips for creating rugged, exhilarating spaces out of standard-sized bedrooms and kitchens. In our debut issue, Sebastian Junger finds “The Perfect Storm Window.” Plus, a Scandinavian furniture report: Jon Krakauer is “Into Finn Chairs.”

Maxim Silver

A new laddie book for laddies of a certain age. A place where the sports cars are bigger, the breasts are seasoned, and the beer is wine. The premiere issue features a hot and heavy photo shoot, as Bo Derek and Farrah Fawcett get wild in Palm Springs.

Architectural Digest, Braille Edition

Style is an ineffable creature–what can’t be seen can always be felt. Now there’s a magazine dedicated to that spirit and to the spirit of America’s many blind citizens. Our Braille descriptions spare no detail, bringing to life a lavish, eight-page photo spread on Bunny Williams’ adorable Connecticut farmhouse. Plus, several more Braille descriptions of other lavish photo spreads. Same glossy paper–but with bumps!

Prospect Forum

The luminaries behind the American Prospect offer a new journal for the liberal libidinal imagination. Prospect Forum delivers ribald tales of seduction and kinky sexxx fantasies–all illustrative of the proper role for a compassionate, activist government. Jedediah Purdy pens “Log Cabin Lovin’,” a gazonga extravaganza in praise of the things every 46DDD babe has in common. This guy sincerely digs a great rack!

Cosmopolitan for Womyn

Short skirts, breast implants, making your man orgasm all night long, and striving for equal wages: all part of fourth-wave feminism’s clarion call. Cosmo says, “You go, Gyrl!” Watch your favorite theorists tackle everybody’s favorite subject, as Katha Pollitt limns “50 Progressive Ways To Make Him Scream,” and Judith Butler finds “Hot Honeymoon Hump Tips That Catharine MacKinnon Could Love.”

The Tikkun Guide to Colleges

A message from Michael Lerner: “Most college guides privilege corporate values, treating education like a commodity. Tikkun has constructed a new set of pluralistic, democratic criteria–the ‘rankings of meaning.’ We’ve determined which graduates spend a year trekking through Nepal or volunteering for ineffectual NGOs. We’ve queried departments to calculate which professors practice Pilates or ride unicycles.” A sneak preview: In the first Tikkun guide, Reed edges out Bard for the top spot, for what it’s worth, as any hierarchy is by nature counterharmonious.

Lesbian Bride

Does Vera Wang offer a daily double? She’d better! Lesbian marriages are through the roof, and all those engaged lesbians need a magazine of their own. Here it is! Complete with news items (the maid of honor shortage), the latest dos and don’ts (DO quote Scripture!), and down-to-the-minute lesbian wedding planning guides. A perfect gift when lesbian wedding bells are ringing for someone you love.