Christmas Reading

Slate will be publishing erratically for the next couple of weeks. There seems to be some holiday going on. The normal flood of magnificent journalism gushing from this URL will be reduced to a trickle, and you may want to seize this opportunity to catch up on your Slate reading from the past year. The “Slate Archives” (formerly known as the “Compost”) is now accessible without charge, and you can use Slate Search to produce a list of articles in any department or by any author. (Of course you also can do a normal search for occurrences of particular words.)

We thought of providing a list of articles worth a second look (or, for our many new readers in 1999, a first look). But, on reflection, we didn’t want to spend the holiday break pacifying outraged authors who were left out. So we suggest that you poke around at random. Start, if you wish, with our pre-selected list of random words beginning with the letter M:







Or pick your own word, type it in the search window at the bottom of this page along with “1999,” and see what you get. Or go to our search page and ask for all articles published on your birthday. Frankly, you cannot go very wrong.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Slate. And have a nice millennium.