The Breakfast Table

Rudy Giuliani’s Salad Day

Dear Todd,

I think what you are describing are those free concerts they hold outside of the Today show. Particularly the ones by Ricky Martin or Hansen.

We have switched places today. I am groggy and having a hard time waking up. I’m not sure if I ate too many waffles or too few. I saw An American Movie last night, which is a funny documentary about an obsessed young filmmaker in Wisconsin. Maybe prolonged exposure of any kind to your state makes people sleep later.

So now, according to this morning’s New York Post, they think that maybe the co-pilot of that EgyptAir flight was responsible for the crash. They are saying he was burdened by a lot of medical bills from a sick kid. That he made a few ominous “in case anything might happen to me” remarks to family members. You know, the last few years I keep reading reports about all the controversial “profiling” they are doing at airports, trying to predict the behavior of suspicious ticket holders. Now it turns out it was the crews they should have be profiling, not the passengers.

It’s been fun reading the New York Post this week. But it’s so weird how full of odd bits of gossip these New York papers are. Los Angeles is widely accepted as the less sophisticated of the two cities, yet there are no parallel publications here. The other morning there was a lengthy item in either the Post or the Daily News about what the newly slimmer Mayor Rudolph Giuliani eats for lunch (a chicken Caesar). And I thought to myself, “Gee, how sad that we in the City of Los Angeles have virtually no idea what’s in the meals of Mayor Dick Riordan.”