The Breakfast Table

McCivil Disobedience

Dear Steve:

OK, OK, I’ll admit that nuclear war sucks. I’ll come right out and say it: I personally oppose the intentional release of radiation near human skin, unless that skin happens to belong to people I don’t personally like. But the bottom line is that you can’t put the nuke genie back in the bottle because human behavior inevitably declines to its lowest common denominator–in other words, we all act like the meanest, stupidest person in whatever group we happen to be in. So these pacts will inevitably disintegrate to the worst behavior of their signatories in the long run.

I dunno, I have a fond spot in my anti-free-trade heart (ever notice how the only thing “free” about free trade is the average salary the corporations have in mind for the rest of us?) for that French guy. He should have got sued, sure, and jail was entirely appropriate for this particular act of civil disobedience, but as an occasional customer of the Golden Arches (personally, I prefer Wendy’s) and French-American dual national, it’s splendid to see someone willing to take a risk for their principles now and then, particularly when it’s a blow against a monolithic transnational corporation that built itself up by underpaying children who ought to be at home studying for the next day of school rather than learning the mysteries of deep-frying every night.

By the way, it only seems appropriate to include a little cartooning commentary here. Today’s New York Post cartoon by Sean Delonas depicts a recently divorced Michael Jackson out on the town ogling stripping babies. Is it just me, or is this more boring than offensive? Second question: Does anyone other than the Brits call Michael Jackson “Jacko”?

Just asking.