Ballot Box

The Results/The Spin

  1. George Bush, 7,418 votes–31.3 percent. A clear victory, but not decisive enough to clear the field.
  2. Steve Forbes, 4,921–20.8 percent. At $500 a vote, disappointing. Can’t call it a two-man race.
  3. Elizabeth Dole, 3,410–14.4 percent. Spent an eighth what Forbes did. Stays in with a strong third.
  4. Gary Bauer, 2,114–8.9 percent. Better than expected. The religious right’s clear choice.
  5. Pat Buchanan, 1,718–7.3 percent. Good enough to keep him in the GOP for now.
  6. Lamar Alexander, 1,428–6.0 percent. Toast.
  7. Alan Keyes, 1,101–4.6 percent. Pays no attention to results anyhow.
  8. Dan Quayle, 916–3.9 percent. Burnt toast.
  9. Orrin Hatch, 558–2.4 percent. Running for president: a terrible idea.
  10. John McCain, 83–0.4 percent. Ignoring Iowa, he needs to run strong in New Hampshire.
  11. John Kasich, 9–0 percent. Nine people don’t know he dropped out already.
  12. Bob Smith, 8–0 percent. Bob who?