Talk: The Web Site!

Omigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigod! Talk is out!

Chatterbox is so excited by the hype surrounding Tina Brown’s new magazine–the most eagerly anticipated public document since the Starr Report–that he wonders how he’ll ever be able to actually sit down and read the Paris-Match-esque monthly, which hits newsstands today. (For a sampling of the newspaper coverage, see “Today’s Papers.”)

Amid all the hoopla, however, Chatterbox hasn’t seen any attention lavished on Talk’s bold and imaginative Web site (which is not to be confused with the highly entertaining Talk parody site posted prior to publication by a mischievous employee at Brill’s Content ; see “Too Funny for Brill’s Content “). The Talk Web site can only be described as … well, revolutionary. Chatterbox, who obviously doesn’t know how to think outside the box, figured the Talk Web site would carry an article or two from the magazine, and some information on how to subscribe. How wrong Chatterbox was! The Talk Web site is actually an entirely black screen with the Talk logo (white letters, lower-case “t” boxed in a red rectangle with uneven sides–or does that make it a trapezoid?) smack in the middle. Chatterbox–hidebound fool that he was–clicked on the logo, expecting to be transported into some magical Tinaland. But no! You click on the logo and nothing happens! The point of the Talk Web site isn’t to spoon-feed you some ready-made notion of what Talk is! It’s an invitation for the reader to project his most elaborate fantasies onto what Talk could be! It’s 21st-century! It’s digital! It’s Pokémon and A.M. Homes and day trading and The Blair Witch Project and laser eye surgery and George W.’s bank account all rolled into one!!!!