Talk: The Web Site, Part II

Readers who are much, much cleverer than Chatterbox were somehow able, by scrutinizing the source code for the boldly spare and Zen-like Talk Web page (see “Talk: The Web Site!“), to find the rest of it, which apparently hasn’t yet been linked to the main page. Apparently Chatterbox was wrong; you aren’t supposed to project your fantasies of what Talk is onto a black screen. Apparently you’re supposed to look at this, a Web link currently hiding in cyberspace and waiting for Tina Brown’s techies to unveil it to the public.

Alas, no stories are available on the Web site–a pity, since Chatterbox still hasn’t gotten his mitts on a hard copy. But there’s a table of contents here. Chatterbox is slightly annoyed by an entry called “The 50 Best Talkers in America,” in which Talk identifies “some of the most voluble chatterers we know.” Hey, chattering is Chatterbox’s racket!