Fox Announces the Learning Violence Channel

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May 20, 1999–15:56 EST

Fox Television Announces Educational Programming Venture

[New York, NY]–Fox Television will launch a new nationwide educational cable network in September, Fox President Tony Greene announced today. The Learning Violence Channel (LVC) will offer 24-hour-a-day programming of school shootings, cafeteria riots, playground gangbanging, bathroom bullying, and teacher assaults.

“We believe that LVC will further enhance Fox Television’s dominance of the reality TV market,” said Greene, who made his announcement outside Heritage High School in Conyers, Ga.

LVC’s prime-time schedule will include: World’s Scariest School Shootings, an hour-long nightly broadcast of the day’s deadliest attacks; When Good Kids Go Bad, a serious examination of the kids behind the guns; America’s Bloodiest Food Fights, a journey into the seamy world of inner-city junior-high cafeterias; When Students Attack, a news program about the week’s worst teacher assaults; and America’s Funniest School Gangs, a look at the lighter side of the nation’s darkest kids.

LVC will reach out to younger viewers with afternoon educational programming, including History Lesson, a daily show that will meticulously re-enact famous school attacks of the past. History Lesson will also rebroadcast scenes from famous movies about high school, including The Basketball Diaries, Heathers, If…, and Rock ’n’ Roll High School.

Ephraim Dupree will serve as LVC’s president and programming director, Green also announced. Dupree is currently executive producer of two of Fox’s highest-rated programs, Uncaged: When Animals Go Nuts and America’s Most Hilarious Prison Riots.

“We at Fox TV believe that by broadcasting these terrible, terrible tragedies over and over again, we can help raise public awareness about the truly troubling problem of youth violence,” Dupree said.

Dupree also said that LVC has named former Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates as anchor of ShootingLive. Shooting Live will interrupt LVC’s regular programming to air ongoing school violence.

In a related development, Fox Television also announced that it will honor the victims of America’s school shootings by donating all American high schools and junior highs enough video equipment to wire classrooms, parking lots, cafeterias, locker rooms, and bathrooms. Fox Television will retain exclusive broadcast rights to the footage.

Source: Fox Television

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