The Breakfast Table

Cutting-Edge Family Values

Coffee was lovely, thank you (well, actually a little strong, but who’s complaining?).

It seems to me that you can tell more about Kosovo from what isn’t in the paper than from what is. Despite the massacres and expulsions, we no longer hear anyone–President Clinton, Vice President Gore, or Secretary Albright–calling Milosevic a war criminal or accusing him of ethnic cleansing. There hasn’t been Hitler comparisons for a week. The administration must really be looking for a diplomatic exit to this mess.

And what is up with Jesse Jackson? Will he do anything for publicity? And I wonder if he spoke to the dictator in verse?

Milosevic, you’re a sonofabitch/ But if you give me cause/ I’ll call for a bombing pause/ Pray beside me, toe-to-toe/ Please, let my people go.

Anyway, I think I am getting a little out of my league with all this foreign policy. I wouldn’t have said a thing about it if we weren’t at war.

Did you read about a new nonprofit called the Creative Capital Foundation? It is trying to raise $40 million to support projects that are too controversial for the National Endowment for the Arts. The president of the Christian Coalition had a response: I would hope they “put forward images that strengthen society and family values.” Hello!! Is this guy nuts? Will he say anything to get quoted by the Times?