No Relation No. 4: Bimbo Edition

Kenneth Starr has a new chief spokesperson named Elizabeth Ray. In 1976 Rep. Wayne Hays resigned for employing Elizabeth Ray, his mistress, as a $14,000-a-year secretary. (She told the Washington Post: “I can’t type, I can’t file, I can’t even answer the phone… Supposedly, I’m on the oversight committee. But I call it the Out-of-Sight Committee.” Click here for the rest of the hilarious WaPo article.) Is Elizabeth Ray back in politics?

Sadly, she is not. Elizabeth Ray the Bimbo appeared in Playboy, wrote a book, and currently works as a stand-up comedian telling political jokes. She briefly made headlines in the 1980s by dating a flamboyant inhabitant of the Warhol Diaries, Steven Greenberg, who was later sent to jail for insider trading.

Elizabeth Ray the Spokeswoman has worked for Starr’s office. She was promoted to chief spokeswoman yesterday after Charles Bakaly resigned.

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