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No. 205: “Nothing but Cash”

Devise a pair of words to fill in the two blanks–one word each–as Thomas Rogers, president of NBC cable, describes his shift away from the old network economic model: “Our goal over time is to turn viewers into __________ and __________.”

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Tuesday’s Question (No. 204)–“Stay!”: Who said this to whom about what, “Keep on doing what you’re doing, and don’t call us, we’ll call you.”“Madeleine Albright, to Bill Clinton, shortly after her appalling discovery that the president had promised Slobodan Milosevic a job at Revlon if only he would sign the damn peace treaty.”–Jennifer Miller“The head of the Human Genome Project said it to the head of the Dog Genome Project when asked for advice.”–Mac Thomason“St. Peter, to Roger Ebert, regarding his concerns about working with Tom Shales.”–Erich Van Dussen“The emperor told us that in 1941 when they sent us to this island. Now you say the war is over? I wonder why he didn’t call.”–David Ballard“Oh my God! The call is coming from inside the house!”–Eric “Just Watched Urban Legend” Fredericksen

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