The Breakfast Table

The Newspapers Are Nothing But Blank Pages

Sally —

To what do you attribute this change in atmospherics? And do you think it augurs well or ill for Clinton?

In this very issue of Slate, I noticed his chances of removal are pegged at 2 percent. That seems awfully low to me, although he’s certainly more likely than not to serve out his term. But the situation is volatile, and I’m convinced any change will be a change for the worse as far as his chances are concerned.

I noticed that there was no real impeachment news in today’s papers, which at this stage of the game is the equivalent of a bunch of blank pages. We’re in the third act, after all, we need a constant infusion of fresh excitement. When I worked at Disney, they always insisted on a car chase in the third act. Anything else might as well be nothing at all. And that’s howthe papers felt today.

So when are you going to say something about my book?