The Breakfast Table

Bad Attitude


As always, I admire your good cheer first thing in the morning. In contrast I’m feeling more sour–maybe it’s the Clinton trial starting tomorrow or maybe it’s the fact that it’s snowing heavily here AGAIN. As soon as I send this, I’m off to the gym while I can still find it.

Two comments reflecting my deep respect for Congress at this moment.

Only six days into 1999 and already the Blowhard of the Year award can be given. It goes to Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) who announced yesterday that Clinton’s trial will be the “trial of the millennium.”

Meanwhile the Chicago Tribune reports on a panel held at the Urban Institute in D.C. Tuesday where Bruce Vladeck, a health issues advisor to the Clinton administration, and other government budget and health experts discussed the estimate that Medicare will run out of money in 2008. Medicare finances health care for 39 million people who are elderly or disabled.

Even a citizen completely cynical about government services or libertarian in bent might pause here and wonder what it would be like to fund his or her own medical care in old age. Well, we needn’t worry too much, right? We have a surplus, we have tax options. Now if only our partisan Congress would turn from pompously debating Clinton’s prevarications about blow jobs and get to work on a bipartisan solution.

Still hoping for a government that works for us,

Yours, Maud