The Breakfast Table

Sports Expert


Thank you for that memorable and liquid end-of-the-year riff. A pleasure to read.

I’ve got an entirely different treat in store for us. On this last day of 1998, I’ve invited David Bowman, a young sports expert, to join us at the Breakfast Table and discuss the end-of-the-year sports stories.

Q: David, what are your sports qualifications?

A: In the summer, I play on a traveling baseball team at Horner Park, which won the city championship in 1998, and on a house league team. At this moment I’m playing basketball. I’m a starting point guard for a team at Northside Catholic Academy. I also play basketball at the Loyola Park District.

Q: And what do you consider the biggest sports stories of the year?

A: Mark McGwire hitting 70 home runs. I knew he would hit 62 but to hit 70 was truly amazing. But don’t take anything away from Sammy Sosa because he had a record-breaking year too. Another great thing that happened in sports was Michael Jordan finishing-off the Jazz with his amazing shot. It was a great moment for the end of his career, and I think he should retire because hitting a game winner is the way to go out.

Q: Now, looking at today’s sports pages in the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the New York Times, are there any stories you find particularly interesting or annoying?

A: Yes. One thing in the paper that I found to be rather stupid was the problem about the basketball lockout. Why won’t the owners just give them their hard-earned money? If the players don’t play, the owners don’t get much money either.

Q: Can you tell our readers anything to look out for in 1999 in the sports world?

A: The third season of the WNBA. It should be an exciting year.

OK, David has another appearance to rush to. Happy New Year.