Keeping Tabs

Monica’s Mallomars

Monica’s Mallomars In this month’s tabloids, lots of high-calorie gossip about paunches and flab. By Emily Yoffe
(posted Thursday, Dec. 10, 1998)

The tabloids have finally gone too far. This month they plumb the lives of the understandably unhappy children of O.J. Simpson and Prince Charles–you could call them victims of the collateral damage of fame. And they’ve lifted their ban on coverage of Chelsea Clinton. The Star this week touts photos that allegedly show Chelsea breaking down aboard the presidential helicopter. On close inspection the pictures appear to show a composed Chelsea talking with her mother and eating a potato chip. Also, this month the Globe goes through the literal trash of eight celebrities to bring the news that sweethearts Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston use deodorant foot spray and that Jim Carrey buys the Globe. The Star, seemingly miffed that actor Michael J. Fox snubbed it when deciding to go public with the news of his Parkinson’s disease (the publication months ago reported the actor suffered from unexplained tremors), has predicted a rapid decline in his condition. And the Enquirer has a two page spread showing the varicose veins on Clint Eastwood’s left leg in revolting detail.