The Breakfast Table

Vicious Dumpling

Dearest Stephen–You must keep the dots! I shall not be moved until they let you keep the dots. Every night when I receive your mail I also receive an invitation from somewhere in space to look at assorted photos. Not being able to even say what Alphonse called Chuck I feel that these photos are completely beyond my maturity. Therefore I do believe the Times is correct about Internet traffic.

I don’t think I am the nice alternative. I am by nature a vicious dumpling. Also the nice alternative is how Terrence Rattigan set himself up opposite John Osborne. And actually I am a fan of Sandra Bernhard’s. I’m just interested in the explosion of edginess as de rigueur-making, therefore, edginess is not quite so edgy. In other words I’m a very big fan of No No Nanette.

I’m afraid I don’t feel very sorry for Newt. After all, he is the man who confused Arthur Murray with Arthur Miller. Speak to you later.