Keeping Tabs

More Monica, Less Cher

More Monica, Less Cher Thanks to Flytrap, sex crazed Washington is the new Hollywood. By Emily Yoffe
(posted Wednesday, Oct. 7, 1998)

The White House remains the center of the tabloid universe this month as the magazines tout their scoops. In February, the Star revealed that Monica caught the president’s eye by flashing her thong underwear at him. (“Those in the know realize that Star got it right long before Starr,” says the publication.) A recent National Enquirer headline claims this new salacious revelation: “Hillary Orders Bill Into Sex Therapy.” So pervasive is the Clinton saga that other celebrity news now seems to be commentary on the antics in Washington. The biggest Clinton disclosure is, according to the Star, Clinton’s supposed statement “I haven’t made love to Hillary in 14 years.” (If true, it’s a tradition for impeachment-prone presidents. In The Final Days, Woodward and Bernstein’s account of the end of the Nixon administration, Pat Nixon is quoted as telling one of her doctors that she and her husband had not had sex since the early 1960s.) The Star’s source is Dolly Kyle Browning, an alleged former Clinton mistress. (Alleged Former Clinton Mistress is soon to appear on census forms as an official job category.) If Browning is right, that would explain Clinton’s reported reaction to Hillary’s demand that he get sex therapy. According to the Enquirer, he was “dumbstruck by Hillary’s ultimatum because he thought she had given up on him and their marriage years ago.”