Made or Broken

Thank God, the Israelis and Palestinians have brought us back from the brink of Middle East disaster and put us firmly on the road to a lasting peace. Does this sound familiar?

Oct. 18, 1998 (Washington Post)

“The summit is, after all, a make-or-break, last-gasp chance to snatch Middle East peace from the jaws of impending catastrophe.”

July 23, 1998 (Chicago Tribune)

“The talks were widely seen as the last chance for Israel and the Palestinians to reach such an agreement for some time.”

May 6, 1998 (Washington Post)

“The declared purpose of the Washington summit, to be hosted by President Clinton on May 11, would be to open the final chapter of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.”

April 25, 1998 (Los Angeles Times)

“U.S. officials have suggested that the talks … could prove to be a “make or break” event for U.S. participation in the Middle East negotiations.”

Aug, 13, 1997 (Washington Post)

“U.S. Middle East envoy Dennis Ross said today that Israel and the Palestinian self-rule administration had renewed cooperation on security matters, adding that the results would make or break their long-term peace efforts.”

Oct. 9, 1996 (Boston Globe)

“Many say the Middle East peace process is at a make-or-break stage after unprecedented armed clashes two weeks ago between Palestinian police and Israeli troops left more than 70 dead.”

Oct. 7, 1996 (Chicago Tribune)

In a nondescript concrete building on the Gaza border, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators convened make-or-break peace talks Sunday after U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher met separately with their leaders and warned them that he expected concrete results.

Feb. 11, 1995 (New York Times)

On a visit to Japan before he heads to Washington, Foreign Minister Amr Moussa of Egypt warned today that peace talks were “almost at the phase of make or break.

July 14, 1994 (New York Times)

While attention has been focused largely on the Palestinians and the start of their self-rule, peace talks between Israel and its Arab neighbors are at a potentially decisive stage on more fronts than at any moment since they began three years ago.

August 26, 1993 (Los Angeles Times)

“[The Palestinians]see the forthcoming round of Arab-Israeli talks in Washington as a “make-or-break” session in the negotiations.”

June 22, 1993 (Washington Post)

“[Secretary of State Warren] Christopher will be watching the 10th-round discussions closely over the next two weeks. He seems to see this round as a make-or-break affair in terms of the more direct American role that the Arabs and now the Israelis have endorsed.”

April 26, 1993 (Chicago Tribune)

Hanan Ashrawi, the [Palestinian] delegation’s spokeswoman, said the negotiations will be a make-or-break session in the 17-month-old peace process.

David Plotz