The Breakfast Table

His Way

Hey Dan,

Our breakfast table is fast becoming the late lunch table. I’m just so devastated about the Yankees, I can’t pull it together today.

Thanks for the sound financial advice. (I was wondering what those ships were all about in the Vanguard literature.) I don’t know which image is more likely to keep me up at night now: You naked in a women’s locker room in Dutchess County. Or Michael Kinsley on a wasabi high. So, you really think I should sink the whole 50 bucks into sushi with Kinsley? This isn’t one of those “fixer-upper turnaround situations,” is it?

Which reminds me. Thank God for Rush & Molloy! They inform today that Frank Sinatra Jr. is about to take a bride!! Apparently, Sinatra Sr. had always wanted his son to marry a “nice stay-at-home Italian girl.” (Yeah, that’s what they all say.) So, now that Frank’s finally dead and Junior’s 54, it frees him up to marry a four-time divorcee from Houston, though his spoilsport sisters–according to the Globe–are calling her a gold digger! Nah, I don’t buy it. Isn’t Frank Jr. the one who had to get kidnapped to get his father to pay attention to him? I’m sure she’s in love with the guy.

I too was relieved to hear that we can now vote on whether we want Yankee Stadium on the Upper West Side. But you’re being way too hard on Rudy. You gotta love a guy who, when asked if he was playing politics, says, “You’re darn right I was. I’m the mayor–I’m entitled to play politics.” But even more exciting in today’s Times is the news that ESPN is going to open a chain of sports bars. At the flagship, in Times Square, customers will be able to “eat $8 hamburgers … while sitting in replicas of the seats ESPN uses for SportsCenter.” Maybe this will finally drive the nail into Planet Hollywood.

By the way, the contraceptive news isn’t all that troubling when you think about it, Dan. I mean, really, how many federal workers need birth control if the president won’t let any of them “finish”?