The Breakfast Table

The Moral Minority

Hmmm. Interesting on the Will Bill Clinton Survive Until My Wedding Anniversary (Sept. 26) angle. I’m very chary of bets and predictions. I once bet reporter Joe Menn (now with Bloomberg, I believe–are you out there, Joe?) that Oliver North would never spend a day in jail. Menn never paid me my $50. But just the other day I bumped into Sen. John Kerry’s former flack (not the cutie named Alex …) who said I had bet Kerry that Bill Clinton would never beat George Bush in 1992. Apparently I owe him a dinner. If Sen. K. wants to being his winsome blonde job candidates with him, he can come to my house to collect.

Seems to me the two drop-dead dates for any putative resignation are pre-election and pre-State of the Union. I think the Starr report will have a much bigger impact than liberal media types suspect. Suppose the New York Times or St. Martin’s Press publishes it as a quickie paperback, just around primary season. Or, if there are “secret” portions of the report, suppose they find their way to the Village Voice, as did the “secret” Final Report of the Pike Committee, where I worked as a glorified coffee-pourer in 1976?

From coffee-pourer to Breakfast Table. My, what an impressive trajectory.

To finish this; I take at face value those quotes from White House advisers that Clinton will be coming out feet first and feet first only. And I must say, Margo … I mean, Joe Lieberperson???? The Globe (not the one that got sued by Arnold Schwarzennegger yesterday, for a story I remember reading) calls Lieberman “devoutly religious.” Well, maybe so. But the one time I interacted with him, during a 1988 trial run at the New Hampshire primary, he came off as … well, he may be religious. But I’m underwhelmed that it is he who is casting the first stone.