The Breakfast Table

The Final Dayzzzz

Margo, this is really like the last dozen pages of Nevil Shute’s “On the Beach,” saying farewell as this cloud of nuclear schmutz descends all around us. Waiting for your last message, I have been reading the Associated Press “long excerpts” from the Starr Report. Ugh.

What has been left unsaid? Very little, I fear. It is truly farcical to think that the Globe, the Times et al are going to kill trees to print That Thing. (“Reads like a novel,” someone told the Times today. Like Harold Robbins in his dotage, I suspect.) The last time the Internet was this jammed was in the summer of ‘96 when Kinsley and his gang posted the first issue of Slate… More concisely written and fewer dirty words, as I recall.

Thanks for the memories, Margo. And remember – we’ll always have Sandwich.

(New Hampshire, that is.)

XXX Alex