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AutoSummarize is a feature of Microsoft Word 97, the word processing software produced by Slate’s parent company, that purports to summarize long texts. (For more details and some examples of how AutoSummarize works, see “Cogito Auto Sum.”) We have used AutoSummarize to reduce the Special Prosecutor’s 445 page report by 90 percent. It’s only software–it may produce some strange results. We make no guarantees, but we thought you’d find it interesting.

: The AutoSummarized Version

: The AutoSummarized Version

The other way to condense a 445 page document is to reformat it. We have reformatted the entire report as a downloadable Microsoft Word document file that will print out as double-column 10 point text. It is 146 pages.

Download the Starr Report Word file

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The full report is available on-line in HTML at many sites including MSNBC. The three official government sites are: