The Breakfast Table

Some Laughing Gas, Please

Oh Beam,

I gotta tell you, this national psychodrama is starting to get to me. I admit that, until recently, I viewed it all as entertainment. I was probably being a media slut, like many others, who thought the more news the merrier. But it is starting to sicken me. I voted for him, twice, and have even met him. I voted for him knowing of “the difficulty,” but thinking it was trouble in a minor key. Now I see he is so wildly out of control that the country is at risk. Damn him.

I was so upset I went into Harvard Square to try and walk it off. I was feeling so low I bought a Snickers bar. Then I ate it. That’s the kind of comfort food you might as well pat on your thighs as eat. And it didn’t even help. I am still feeling frazzled and sad.

As for your news about the Globe not permitting italics, I could never work for them for that reason alone. I mean, how would one show emphasis? As for your VCR emeritus, I suppose you’re one of the people who just lets it flash 12:00 all the time…I, however, am one of the few women in my circle who knows how to tape a show when I’m out.

Re: Rex Reagan arfing his last and your worrying about Buddy (maybe someone in Florida, maybe the dog) I meant to tell you about the current message on my answering machine. It says if I am out, I am walking Buddy the dog: he’s come to live with me because somebody’s living in his house. Would you believe that a few people who’ve called actually thought I got a dog? As I said, I am feeling new and intense distress about the manqué in the White House. Maybe I’ll try mashed potatoes…then tapioca.

In sadness, but xx anyway, Margo