The Breakfast Table

Sexual Armageddon!

Wow, I don’t remember that in the Bible… The Dan Burton thing was the warning shot, we presume.

You have the great advantage of working at home, so you can peruse the latest “information” on the McCaughey-Ross relationship in the freshly delivered New York Observer. Although I work deep in the Media Maw, I feel bereft of any actual information. I did read the New York Times–well, I skimmed it–and found only one item of interest, William Safire’s contrapuntal, attention-getting but ultimately irrelevant “advice” to Clinton: hang tough, blah, blah, blah. As you and others correctly note, today we are assuming the Contrition Position, which the public won’t stomach for long. If there’s so much to apologize for, get out of town!

What’s up on my end? Locals won’t want to miss page A-20 of today’s Wall Street Journal, which has an intriguing (and suggestive) update on my former colleague Ms. Patricia Smith. She appeared at the recent National Poetry Slam (she’s won this thing many times) and apparently laid some pretty big dis on the Globe. All off the record. Too bad.

Per my rave yesterday on the idiotic Modern Library web-based “Readers Poll’, a nice Mr. Tom Perry did call me back from Random House. It’s not really his bailiwick, but he speculated as to why all the votes seemed to be coming for Ayn Rand: “It’s people with no lives just sitting there doing it over and over again…very possibly there’s a correlation between the type of person drawn to the web and those drawn to Ayn Rand.”

What’s a “filbert”?