The Breakfast Table


Your concern about the loss of privacy is well taken, Nadine, but the problem may be self-correcting. After Prince Chuck’s mishap we all learned the dangers of speaking on a cellphone; recent events teach us to be more careful about e-mails. People adjust–the next generation has already adjusted. My sons are on the Internet all day long and I’m pretty sure they’ve figured out ways to maintain their anonymity. The trick is learning the constraints and opportunities provided by the new technology.

On a different note, I’m wondering what you think about the legislation currently being considered to sanction nations that engage in religious persecution. The LATimes carries a big story on page A5. The bill is being championed by fundamentalist and conservative groups, and is being opposed by business interests. It looks to be headed for fast action in the Senate. Combating persecution certainly seems like a worthwhile objective, but do you think it’s appropriate (constitutional?) to single out persecution on the basis of religious affiliation? Seems like a tough call for the ACLU, no?

Off to the airport to catch a flight to San Francisco. Law clerk orientation, a couple of en bancs and (be still my beating heart) a rules committee meeting.


Ciao. AK