Non-Reader of the Week

Like a modern-day Diogenes, Chatterbox has been desperately searching for an American of such upstanding rectitude that he or she has not been tempted to peek at the good stuff in the Starr report. Our quest is over and the high-minded winner is…Janet Reno. At her regular Thursday morning non-news conference, our dazed and confused Attorney General declared, “From what I have heard, nobody would really read it in detail. They would read it to find out the substance of it and what the issues were, but there are some details that I don’t think I have to read.”

If only Reno had exercised this kind of admirable restraint back in January before she recommended to the three-judge panel that Kenneth Starr should be granted jurisdiction to get to the thonged-G-string-wearing bottom of the Monica Lewinsky imbroglio.

Walter Shapiro