The Breakfast Table

More Politics, Alas

Hey Beam: Joe Kennedy’s old district, the 8th, is certainly crowded. OK, it’s diverse, too. Running, as you know, are a loudmouth lady with nothing better to do, a lefty liberal, three rich guys, a lesbian, an Hispanic, a small village mayor, a city counselor, and the former Boston mayor/Vatican ambassador/unfortunate soul, Ray Flynn. The small village mayor, Mike Capuano, has finally overtaken Flynn in the polls. Good. Of course the Republicans have someone running–a chap named Hyde. Good luck to him and I hope he’s getting hazard pay.

As for politics that are not local, I think the triumvirate of Lieberman, Moynihan, and Kerrey just made an unmistakable sound: a death knell. Write it down and buy me lunch if I’m right: Clinton will resign, and he should. As Kerrey said on an earlier occasion, “Clinton is an unusually good liar,” but there’s nowhere for him to go with this one. He is fatally tainted. (I choose Hammersley’s.) ‘Bye, Bill, you’ll be happier at Dreamworks, trust me. Just think of the all the moviestars you can hang with. Possible second scenario: He will respond with what he thinks is required to save his Presidency, which in his case would be an overly long, over-the-top confessional. That would be revolting, and I think seen as the manipulative stage-managed ploy it would in fact be.

Your paper quoted “one of Gore’s major financial backers, a Bostonian who spoke on condition of anonymity” as saying about the Clinton mess/disgrace, “It’s too bad because Al Gore is a nice man. He is a very loyal man. I’m sure deep down he is furious.” I have a pretty good idea who this Democrat with deep pockets is, and that quote says to me that he is sure deep down . . because Al Gore told him so. My hope is that “the Bostonian” will advise Gore to show his furiousness. Loyalty to someone or to some cause that is indefensible is what did Hubert Humphrey in. He stayed glued to Lyndon Johnson till it was too late.

I watched Horrendo last night and he had the bulk of Lieberman’s remarks on the Senate floor (as did Nightline). That speech was powerful, and I must say I agreed with Arianna about its importance. (Just try to forget that she sounds like the lost Gabor.)

And finally I wept about the Nova Scotia plane crash. It was when I read that the people of the neighboring towns were providing, gratis, hotel rooms, meals and local transportation to families of the victims. And SwissAir is offering $20,000 to each passenger’s family for “immediate expenses,” money which has nothing to do with any future settlements, in addition to free travel to the site. (Can you imagine the families having to get on an airplane now?) Anyway, I guess what was so moving was the humanity and generosity of strangers.

Hope your Friday goes well. xxMargo