The Breakfast Table

Kevin from Heaven

Hmmm, something else in common. I’m very hot for Kevin White, mainly because I arrived in Boston long after his purported “misdeeds” were history. I’ve met him several times and urged him to do a book more than once. (Job for you, Margo???) He has a terrific sense of elegance and literary style, reads a lot and processes it well.

I’m told he’s mildly dyslexic and is very self-conscious about his reading and writing abilities. But I’ve always wished someone would get to him before it is too late, as it were. (I think he has done one of those oral bio thingies for Boston University.)

There are priceless wire-service (Reuters, AP) photos of Mark McGwire’s 61st home rum on the front of both the Globe and Times’ sports sections today. Both papers use different pix on page one, but the inside shots are … picture perfect. The umpire has his mask off, watching the ball go out; the catcher, we deduce, is somewhat bummed. McGwire is happy as a clam.

It was such an unforgettable photo, published on the front page of the New York Post in 1988, that prompted Don DeLillo to write Mao II, a novel about a reclusive novelist who is terrified by, and drawn to, the 20th century publicity machine. It goes without saying that the Post photo was a paparazzi shot of …. J.D. Salinger.

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