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Have You Heard About . . .

The Midnight Rambler?

Here’s one for you, my dear. All of Boston is talking about a Boston Herald item that puts a “statuesque,” college-age blonde inside Sen. John Kerry’s Louisburg Square townhouse between the hours of 11:15 and midnight. But wait–it gets better. The blonde, interviewed by the Herald, said she was “dropping off her resume.” She and John had met a couple of parties on the Vineyard–could our friend Mr. Dick Friedman possibly have been involved?–and chatted him up about a job. Instead of suggesting she, uh, fax her resume, I suppose the idea surfaced that she might drop it by as she was in the neighborhood.

Did I mention that Teresa was at the Nantucket house? Sorry, I forgot.

The Herald reached Kerry’s flack who said, no, they got the story all wrong. The girl was visiting only at 10:30 pm. not 11:15, as the Little Picture Paper had it. I’m glad we got that straightened out….

Trouble in paradise? I hope not.